Wink Referral Rewards: Or, How to Get Your Wink for Free!

We want all women and couples who want to use Wink to be able to do so. But of course, we understand that the price of Wink may not be within everyone’s scope.

That’s why we created our referral rewards program, which allows you to get discounts on your Wink by referring Wink to others.

The way the program works is that you use your unique referral link (which you’ll receive after you purchase Wink, or you can find it on the Wink tab of our user web portal) to refer Wink to others via email, social media, blogs, online forums, or whatever outlet you prefer. Every time someone uses your link to purchase Wink, you’ll both get $10 off! You can earn up to the total of your purchase in referral rewards.

If you’re not ready to purchase Wink, you can even earn referral rewards BEFORE you make your purchase. If you already have a Kindara account, log in to our user web portal and copy your link from the Wink tab. After you purchase Wink, we’ll apply your rewards to your purchase.

Learn more about Wink on our main website and FAQ page.