Kindara is Ready for iOS 8

Attention iOS users! iOS 8 is now live and - just in time - so is the latest version of Kindara. The update contains a number of bug fixes and is fully compatible with iOS 8.

iOS Users: Whether you've already updated to iOS 8 or not, please make sure to update to the latest version of Kindara through your auto-update or through the App Store before using the app on iOS 8. This will ensure that the app runs correctly on your device.

If you have any questions about the update, please don't hesitate to let us know at

Ask Kindara: Does Ovulation Spotting Count as My Peak Day?

Dear Kindara,

Hi guys! I have been using your app for several months now and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for creating it! I am just writing for some clarification on the peak day. I received the majority of my FAM information from TCOYF by Toni Weschler, MPH and it was all pretty straight forward. The only thing I am slightly confused about is the peak day. Toni states that the day of mid-cycle spotting is your peak day, but I have light spotting, then a couple days of eggwhite CF after the spotting, I always count the last day of fertile CF as the peak day, but should I be counting the spotting day as my Peak Day instead? Do you know why spotting is suggested as the peak day? I thought the spotting was just an indication of estrogen dropping or am I wrong about that? If you guys have the time to answer that would be lovely. Thanks again for the app!!



Hey Kaley! Thanks for your question :) I totally see how this could be confusing, given that Toni states that the Peak Day is the last day in your cycle of either:

  • wet or lubricative vaginal sensation

  • slippery, stretchy cervical fluid

  • any midcycle spotting.

You’re correct that midcycle/ovulatory spotting is usually due to the drop of estrogen that occurs right before ovulation. If you have any midcycle spotting, you are likely very fertile on that day - so make sure to take note, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy!

However, keep in mind that the Peak Day is not necessarily the day of the greatest quantity of cervical fluid, nor is it the last day of any one particular kind of fluid, but rather is the last day in your cycle of any of the above types of fluid/sensation. So if you have midcycle spotting on day 13, then eggwhite cervical fluid on days 14 and 15, and then dry/sticky or no cervical fluid on day 16, day 15 would be your Peak Day.

I hope this is helpful! If there’s still any confusion about Peak day, please let us know in the comments.

The Dangers of Loving Your Business Partner: A New Chapter for Kindara

Hi Everyone,

Today we're announcing publicly an internal team transition that has been going on behind the scenes at Kindara these past few months. The logistics took a while to sort out so we’re only announcing it now. Here’s the deal:

Last December, Kati and I realized that if we kept working together as a husband-and-wife-and-co-founder team, we were going to end up divorced. Building a startup is stressful and contentious, and over time the friction of working together bled over into our personal lives, slowly poisoning our romantic connection. Partly as a result of our difficulties at home, Kati's health began deteriorating, and this made the situation even scarier.  We felt trapped in our lives, wanting to love each other but finding it hard while we were building a company together.

Things got worse through last fall and after multiple passionate conversations and tears on both sides, we realized in December that we had arrived at the breaking point. We saw clearly that we had to choose between being married and being business partners in the company we created together. And we had to choose quickly or put both at risk.

Having arrived at this crossroads, It didn't take us long to choose our romantic connection as our top priority.  We’re lucky to have found each other, and once we realized our love wasn’t as invincible as we had previously thought, and was at risk of disappearing forever, we both wanted to save it.  

Personally, it was difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that my dream of building a company with Kati wasn't going to happen. After all, she introduced me to fertility charting in the first place. It was the enlightening experience of charting her fertility that helped me better understand the feminine and inspired me to want to share that understanding with the world. Our love for each other was the engine that got Kindara started, and I dreamed this engine would sustain the business for many years.  This dream blinded me to the reality that we didn’t make good business partners.

So in January, I finally accepted that it wasn’t to be, and we started working on a transition plan. We decided that since Kati didn't want to be CEO and I did, she would transition out of the company and we would hire a new designer and a new product person to fill her shoes. This was no small task. We both wanted to maintain the sophisticated elegance and simplicity of our design, and we wanted our product person to have Kati’s rock-solid commitment to helping women feel powerful in their bodies. Basically we wanted to transition Kati out of Kindara while leaving the soul and mission of the company intact.

After an exhaustive search, we were lucky to find Amanda Weaver and Simla Somturk. Amanda joined as our Head Designer this spring, and has been at the helm of our aesthetic every since. And Simla joined as our Head of Product & Marketing in June. I love working with both Simla and Amanda and I can confidently say that our product and design are in exceptionally capable hands.

Over the past few months we also brought Lauren Risberg and Molly Muranaka onto the team to help with customer support and engineering respectively. And we’re blessed with talented and passionate interns like Lakshmi Senthilnathan.

Team Kindara in July 2014 from left: Courtney Miller (Community), Simla Somturk (Product & Marketing), James Gardner (CTO & Lead Developer), Lakshmi Senthilnathan (QA), Amanda Weaver (Design), Molly Muranaka (Engineer), Lauren Risberg (Support & Content), and Me. Not pictured: Gary Stone (CFO), Andy Goldstein (COO)

Team Kindara in July 2014 from left: Courtney Miller (Community), Simla Somturk (Product & Marketing), James Gardner (CTO & Lead Developer), Lakshmi Senthilnathan (QA), Amanda Weaver (Design), Molly Muranaka (Engineer), Lauren Risberg (Support & Content), and Me. Not pictured: Gary Stone (CFO), Andy Goldstein (COO)

So today we’re announcing the beginning of a new chapter in the Kindara story. Kati has rested up and is feeling great.  Our romantic connection is stronger than it has ever been. And our team at Kindara is kicking butt.

While many companies blow up after founders leave, I feel more optimistic than ever about Kati and my future, and Kindara’s future. We’ve got some big announcements planned for next month including our Android launch and our first device launch.

Now that this transition is wrapped up, I’d like to thank our amazing advisor and coach Lauren Bacon. Lauren was a rock through many heated and emotional conversations, and helped us wear multiple hats to make this transition a smooth one. Lauren along with our lawyer Heather Miles helped us craft a transition plan that preserved the interests of Kati and I, of our marriage, of Kindara,  and of our investors. And thanks to our investors who overwhelmingly supported us in choosing love.

And finally thanks to all the women who use Kindara and tell their friends about us. Your reviews, rants, feature requests, ideas and bug reports keep us going, and steer us towards accomplishing our mission in the world.  

For Kati and I, fertility charting helped us deepen our connection to our bodies and to each other. Ultimately it was the depth of this connection that got us through this scary rough patch together, and allowed us to reach the greener pastures on the other side. Whatever fertility challenge you’re dealing with, our commitment is that Kindara remains the best tool for you to deepen your connection with yourself and with your partner, and do the same.

(P.S. To read Kati's post on her transition click here)


Choosing Love

Hi everyone,  some of you may have noticed my absence at Kindara, none of my usual witty blog posts and such.  For those of you who noticed and wondered about it, here’s your answer.  For those of you who didn’t notice, well, here’s some new information for you.

I left my full-time role at Kindara.  Long story short, Will and I are not only co-founders of Kindara, but also married… to each other.  Working together was really taking a toll on our romantic relationship. We are both very passionate people and often had different ideas of what was best for the app, and while this lead to a really awesome product, (by virtue of the less awesome ideas being lopped off, and only the best ideas going forward to become a part of Kindara) it was very hard on our marriage. In a lot of ways it also hindered the product and company because of the long back and forth we would have before we reached an agreement, causing progress to be slower than we wanted.

I was also working too much, and developed some stress-related health problems that I needed to sort out.  Kindara exists to help women know themselves, and make the healthiest choices for their lives, and it was time for me to take my own advice. Around December Will and I realized that the best thing for our marriage and my health was for me to leave Kindara. This was no easy decision on my part. Kindara is my baby, so to speak.  But the company that Will and I built because we loved each other so much and wanted other couples to experience the same closeness and intimacy that fertility charting had brought to us, was tearing us apart. I was burned out, depressed and feeling awful every day.

We took our time sorting things out, so my transition out would be smooth, and fair to all parties involved. We got our investors approval for my transition, and February was my last month at Kindara.

Since March I’ve been healing and decompressing.  In June I finally felt the first glimpses of the energy I used to have, and am ready to start my next thing.  Making beautiful and useful things has been my passion since I was a child.  So I’ve decided to give it a go, and start my own design company. Right now I’m focusing on laser-cut leather accessories. The company is in its infant stage now, check out Luminira to see what I’m up to.

I left Kindara in good hands, Will, James, and Courtney are rocking it out and have added some really amazing women to the team.  Simla, Molly, Amanda, Lakshmi, Lauren and Bekah are each adding their own unique passion and energy to the company and I’m inspired by what I see.  

And Will and I are happy again! Now that the stress of a fledgling startup is no longer monopolizing our relationship, we love being married to each other.

Will & I celebrating 2 years in Boulder together this summer. 

Will & I celebrating 2 years in Boulder together this summer. 

I’m grateful to have had the chance to create a company like Kindara. Thank you for believing in us, and using the app. Thank you for your questions, your feedback, your requests, and the glowing reviews! Thank you for your heartfelt emails, success stories and baby pictures.  Knowing that something I helped create has had such a positive impact on so many women’s lives makes me feel good every day.   And while I’ve moved on, there will always be a piece of my heart in Kindara, and a piece of Kindara in my heart.  


(P.S. To read Will's post on my transition click here)