How to Edit Your Average Cycle Length, First Day of Your Last Period, and Other Data You Entered When You First Created a Kindara Account

Hey there! If you’re new to Kindara, you may remember that the app asked for your average cycle length and the first day of your last period after you created your Kindara account. However, I do realize that it can be all too easy to enter the wrong data at this time – maybe because you’re SO EXCITED to start using Kindara and don’t have time to think about these things, or because you don’t actually know your average cycle length or the first day of your last period (before I started charting, I NEVER knew the first day of my last period, making visits to the gynecologist somewhat excruciating), or because you simply selected the wrong thing and didn’t realize it until after you had moved past that screen (It happens. A lot…).

Anyway, even though it may not seem obvious at first, editing this data is easy! Here’s how to:

Change the first day of your last period: If you’ve incorrectly marked a day as the first day of your last period, go to that day in the data screen, scroll down to where it says ‘Menstruation’ and tap the checkbox next to ‘Start New Cycle Today?’ to unselect it. Then, go to the correct first day of your cycle and tap the checkbox next to ‘Start New Cycle Today?’ there. That will then be your first day. You can navigate to the day you want to edit by either: a) tapping that day in the calendar screen, or b) swiping horizontally between days in the data screen.

Change your average cycle length: You can change your average cycle length at any time during your first two cycles in Kindara by logging in to our user web portal ( with the email and password you used to create your Kindara account, going to the ‘Account’ tab, and clicking the ‘Edit details’ button at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve entered at least three cycles in Kindara, the app will calculate your average cycle length based on the data you’ve entered in the app, rather than the average cycle length you entered at the beginning. So the more you use Kindara, the more accurate it will be :) 

Change your goal: If you’d like to change the goal you chose at the beginning, tap the More icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then tap Settings, then tap ‘Goal’. Then tap the goal that applies to you (Get Pregnant, Avoid Pregnancy, or Track My Period).

Change your password: If you remember your old password, you can change it by tapping the ‘Change password’ row in the Settings section of the app. If you don’t remember your password, log out of the app through the Settings screen, then tap ‘Sign In’, then tap the ‘Forgot password?’ link, then enter your Kindara account email. An email will be sent to your Kindara account email address with instructions to reset your password.

Change your account email address: If you made a typo while entering your email address, email us and let us know what you’d like to change your account email to. We’ll fix it :) If you’re not sure what you entered as your Kindara account email, tap the More icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then tap Settings. The email you used to create your account will be at the top of the screen.