Wink Update #1: Beta Units Will Be in Production Soon

The weeks are flying by, and so is development on Wink! We’ve been floored by all of the support and interest flooding in from Kindara users (to those that have supported us, THANK YOU!), the media, and distributors here in the US and around the world.

Here's what's been going on behind the scenes with Wink.

Wink Beta Units Will Be in Production Soon

The first high-fidelity prototypes of Wink are in the works. Take a peek:

A Note from the Wink Engineers

In the last few weeks, we've been working hard on the final designs for all of Wink's parts. The most challenging has been the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inside Wink that will hold Wink's Bluetooth transceiver. The Bluetooth chip is tiny and has 48 tiny pins that all have to sit just right on the board. We've just about gotten it right - stay tuned. We've also been testing Wink's high precision thermistor temperature sensor and are getting good results in terms of accuracy and measurement time. Our next steps are to get the finished and assembled circuit boards back from our manufacturer, and assemble a handful of Wink test units. It's really exciting seeing everything come together like this and in a few weeks we should have some more pics to share with you.

Press Coverage

Wink has been getting a ton of media coverage. Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Watch Wink on the News! (KDVR Fox News)

Kindara Hopes Smart Thermometer for Women is Birth of Something Big (Xconomy)

Kindara Unveils Smartphone-Enabled Fertility Thermometer, Wink (Mobihealth News)

The 2nd Shipment for Wink is Now Open

Just before Thanksgiving, we sold our 1,000th Wink, which marked the close of our 1st shipment list. The 2nd shipment list has started filling up and is ready for your pre-order.

Interested in purchasing Wink, but not sure if you want to wait until spring 2015 to get yours?

We’re working on getting Wink ready to ship as fast as we can. Keep in mind that the more people purchase Wink, the sooner it will be ready :) Here are two ways to spread the word about Wink (and one way to earn discounts on your Wink purchase): 

Give Wink as a Gift

Spread the love and pre-order Wink as a gift for a friend or loved one. When you make your purchase, check the ‘this purchase is a gift’ box on the order page. We'll then email you a pretty gift certificate you can give to the lucky recipient.

Referral Rewards Program

Did you know you can receive up to the full price of Wink in referral rewards? Use your unique referral link (found on the Wink tab of your Kindara web portal) to refer Wink out to friends, family - or, really, anyone (we've heard from successful referrers that fertility forums are one great place to post your link). Every time someone purchases Wink using your link, you’ll both receive $10 off! You can even earn referral rewards BEFORE you purchase Wink, in case you're not ready to make your purchase just yet. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our website for more info. 

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