Update: Wink and Quality

I’m Sterling and I carry out Quality Assurance at Kindara. My job allows me to wear many hats, including bug-hunter, gadget-builder and Wink-breaker (for quality assurance purposes, of course). Basically, I simulate potential problems you could encounter with the Kindara App and Wink so our development team can make improvements before the technology is released to you.

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The Kindara Community Manifesto

We love our community members. The Kindara Community is a place where women can come together, connect, and support each other on their journeys to become in-tune with their bodies and their health. We have been repeatedly blown away at the incredible amount of compassion, support, and kindness that our community members show towards each other. We couldn't have hoped for a better and more genuine group of individuals to make our dream of a thriving community come alive.

Please help keep the Kindara Community positive, helpful, and safe. Read Kindara's Community Manifesto below and help us build a supportive community that is welcoming to everyone.

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