Kindara Stories: C.S.'s Journey to Conceive

Testimonial submitted by C.S:

In April of 2014, after several months of TTC of timed intercourse, OPKs, and no luck, I knew I needed to keep better records. So, I found Kindara and started charting. I am so glad I did because it has been the best part of my TTC journey! I am able to track everything - temps, symptoms, cervical fluid, vitamins, herbs, supplements, blood work, appointments, and tests all in one spot.

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Getting Comfortable with Charting Cervical Fluid

Is the cervical mucus a barrier for you to get on the fertility awareness bandwagon and become free of hormonal contraceptives? Are you using a low effectiveness method like condoms or the pull out method because you just can’t see yourself touching this strange substance? Before you give up and move on, will you let this obstinate French guy (me) try to change your feelings about it?

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