The Battle of Cortisol and Progesterone

Many people are told, when trying to conceive, that stress isn’t good for the process. They are not always told why, or what to do about it.

One reasoning is based on the biology of the body’s adrenal and endocrine systems. In order for a pregnancy to succeed, a body’s progesterone levels must stay elevated following conception. Progesterone is a hormone produced in the ovaries, the name of which comes from the Latin verb “gestare” (“to carry” -- the same root as gestation), prefix “pro-” (meaning “to” or “towards”), and suffix “-one” (indicating its classification of chemical). Which is all to say that progesterone is key to fertility and a lasting pregnancy.

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Making the Most of the Kindara Custom Data Feature

Although Kindara is deeply focused on the Fertility Awareness Method and helping women to chart their primary fertility signs, beyond that is our desire to empower women to have a better understanding of their health and bodies. This led us to create the Custom Data feature in the app. Using the Custom Data feature, users can track an unlimited number of personalized data points which are then represented visually on a their chart. This helps users to paint a broader picture of their overall health and well-being, through the lens of their menstrual cycle.

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