Kindara v4.2 for iOS: Introducing Expanded Reminders, Personalized Community Notifications, and Return of the Start New Cycle Button!

We’re excited to announce that Kindara 4.2 for iOS is now live in the iTunes App Store!  In this update, we’ve greatly expanded Kindara’s Reminders functionality and brought back the “Start New Cycle Today?” row based on your feedback.

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Expanded Reminders  

In addition to the daily temperature and cervical fluid reminders we had before, you can now create custom reminders which go off whenever you’d like them to.

To access your reminders, first tap the More screen, then Settings, and then Reminders.  On this screen, you’ll find a list of all the reminders you currently have turned on and off.  The two reminders at the top of the list are the Temperature Reminder and Cervical Fluid Reminder, which you can set to remind you at any time of day you like (or turn off completely if you don’t wish to be reminded).

To create a custom reminder, look below the Temperature Reminder and Cervical Fluid Reminder.  You’ll see a row that says Tap to Add.  Tap this row and enter the name of your custom reminder – for example, if you’d like Kindara to remind you to check your cervix, you could call this reminder “Check your cervix.”  Please take note that the title you enter here will appear as a notification on your phone when the time comes, even if the phone is locked, so keep this in mind if your reminder is something that you’d prefer to keep private.


After you’ve entered your new reminder’s name, tap “Done,” and then tap on the new reminder you just made.  On this screen, you can turn the reminder on and off, change the time that the reminder goes off, change the day the reminder goes off, and set how often the reminder repeats (if at all).

If you tap the “Repeat” checkbox, the app will ask you if you’d like to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or on certain Cycle Days.  If you choose Daily, you can set which days of the week you’d like the reminder to go off.

If you choose Weekly or Monthly, the app will ask you what weekly or monthly interval you’d like your reminder to go off.  For example, if you’d like Kindara to remind you to go to the dentist every six months, simply choose “Monthly” and then scroll the wheel to “Every 6 Months.”  Kindara will remind you every six months from the original date.

Finally, you can also have Kindara to remind you on certain cycle days or a range of cycle days.  If you’d like Kindara to remind you to perform a breast self-exam on Day 7, choose “Cycle Day,” then “Single Day,” and scroll the wheel to Cycle Day 7.  If you choose “Range of Days,” you can have Kindara remind you on a particular range of Cycle Days.  For example, you could set the app to remind you to use ovulation predictor kits on Cycle Days 12-15 by scrolling the wheels.


Personalized Community Notifications

Now, when someone comments on a chart you're following in the Community, you'll see the username of the person who commented, as well as the username of the person the chart that was commented on belongs to. 


Return of the Popular “Start New Cycle Today?” Option

We’ve also added (or rather, re-added) one last feature to this update: we are re-introducing the “Start New Cycle Today” button as an option for users who would like to manually set cycle start dates rather than relying on the automatic feature.

In our last update, we removed the “Start New Cycle Today” button and added a feature which automatically starts a new cycle when new menstruation data is entered.  We received mixed feedback about this feature from our users, so we decided to bring the manual option back for those users who prefer it.

By default, Kindara is set to automatically start new cycles for you.  To activate the manual Start New Cycle button, tap the More screen, then Settings, and switch the “Start New Cycles Manually” option on.  You can turn this option off at any time to return to the automatic setting.

We hope you enjoy these new features!  If you have any questions or comments about these new features, feel free to let us know.