Does Fear of HIV/AIDS Drive People to Practice Safe Sex?

As we approach World AIDS Day on December 1st, the world will take time to reflect on the most most misunderstood STI. On this day, discussion of better education, prevention, and treatment options will take the main stage.

The stigma surrounding STIs, specifically HIV/AIDS, permeates societies around the world. Open dialogue about carrying these infections is taboo. However, does fear drive people to make healthy, informed decisions about their sexual health?  

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Ask Kindara: Why Do I Have Creamy Cervical Fluid After Ovulation?

Hi Kindara,

I am 1 week past ovulation and my cervical fluid isn't drying up. If anything, it seems much more creamy and much more of it too! Me and my husband are trying for baby number 2 and I have been off the pill since beginning of August this year, could this have anything to do with excess cervical fluid or is it a sign I may be pregnant?


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Update: Wink and Quality

I’m Sterling and I carry out Quality Assurance at Kindara. My job allows me to wear many hats, including bug-hunter, gadget-builder and Wink-breaker (for quality assurance purposes, of course). Basically, I simulate potential problems you could encounter with the Kindara App and Wink so our development team can make improvements before the technology is released to you.

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