Men and Menstruation: How Much Do They Really Know?

When the Internet first took notice of Jose Angel Garcia’s #realmensupportwomen photo, it exploded.

The photo Garcia posted to Instagram showed the 15-year-old high school sophomore holding up several menstrual pads, paired with a caption calling his male followers to action. He urged them to carry menstrual supplies with them if their female friends ever found themselves without. It was met with overwhelmingly positive praise from both men and women, and currently has 40,000 likes on Instagram.

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Wink Update: Turning Design into Reality During our Trip to China and Thailand

As part of our commitment to keep you plugged in to the creation of Wink, here’s an in-depth update.

The design decisions Kati and I made in service of making Wink the most beautiful basal thermometer are also making Wink a very difficult basal thermometer to manufacture! Read on for more detail on the problems we have solved over the last few weeks and why we feel confident about production.

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Trouble Conceiving? You're Not Alone

Infertility hurts. As of 2010, 1 in 6 American couples have trouble achieving or sustaining a pregnancy, and this number is rising. Many of these couples may not actually be infertile at all; they may simply be mistiming intercourse.

We want to help couples take their health into their hands. Check out our new infographic on how fertility awareness can help millions of couples conceive.

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